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Tanglewood Nature Center and Plymouth Woods

Saturday 05/14/2022 10:00 am

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Tom Formanek


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Hike Details:

Today will feature a double hike at two nearby locations in Chemung County.

The first will be a 3 mile loop hike on the red trail at Tanglewood Nature Center. There is a lot of elevation change, but it will prove worth it as you gaze into the Chemung River valley to the west where folds in the hills at the palisades show off the work of glaciers in the last ice age.

Tanglewood also has an understory of native white dogwoods. If we are fortunate in our timing, we hope to see them in bloom.

Parts of the trail are in water runoff areas where loose stone abounds. Sturdy boots are required.

The Plymouth Woods are a Finger Lakes Land Trust preserve. While under two miles, the trails are a series of loop hikes connected like a chain. Toward the far end is a meadow filled with Allegheny Mound Ants habitats. You will see a network of huge mounds. More about the ants can be found here:

Both preserves are in the domain of the Eastern Timber Rattlesnake. I live here and have yet to see one. However, despite being shy, there are rare sightings of this protected reptile. In general, before sitting near stones or logs one should look all around the object. We may also encounter one in grass while hunting or sunning itself on a trail. Giving a wide berth is all that is required.

Wear sturdy waterproof hiking boots and bring water.

If you will have difficulty navigating to the start point, email hike leader at the address above.

Check this space the day of the hike for any changes or a cancellation.

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