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CTC Oscar Awards

2024 is the 53rd year of the Oscar Awards

The Oscars are awarded to the persons that the previous years winners feel have made significant contributions to benefit of the Cayuga Trails Club. It is an honor to be awarded the company of Oscar Gray and Brown, but it is an equal honor to select and award them to the next year recipients.

Oscar Brown

Oscar Gray

Oscar Gray and Oscar Brown were first awarded at the club’s Annual Meeting in 1972. Since then, they have each been awarded 44 times to 65 different club members some of whom were repeat winners.

In 1981, Oscar Gray and Oscar Brown shared the same home with Doris and Cliff Abbott. They repeated this in 1996 with Harold Mills and in 2005 with Jim and Sigrid Connors. Folklore has it that it was while at the Abbott’s in 1982 that the Oscars were joined by a little Oscar. Little Oscar stayed in the company of Oscar Brown. 24 years later, after the Oscars spent the year together at Jim and Sigrid Connors home, another little Oscar arrived on the scene to keep Oscar Gray company during the years they are all off on their own.

Sometime late in 2010, Oscar Gray mysteriously disappeared. Although there is still no explanation there were rumors that Oscar Gray had fallen victim to an owl. Happily, Oscar Gray reappeared (also somewhat mysteriously) in time for the 2012 presentation, so we are pleased to report that all is well in Oscar land.

In 2018, an Oscar was awarded for the first time to a group of people—the ad hoc Property Management Committee—for their work in the acquisition and subdivision of the White Church Rd. property, and the subsequent sale of the house and barn. 

The 2021 Oscar awards celebrated the 50th time that CTC members honored their fellow members for extraordinary contributions to our mission. It was also the first (and hopefully the last) time that the Oscars were awarded in a virtual Annual Meeting socially distanced on Zoom.

At 3-¾” inch tall and 4 ounces in weight – the Oscars really do get around! For being so small they represent the enormous accomplishments and contributions of so many dedicated people.

Oscar Recipient NumberYear AwardedOscar GrayOscar Brown
532024Max HeitnerMyra Shulman**
522023Curtis MyersGundy Lee
512022Roger Hopkins****Gary Mallow****
50th!2021Myra ShulmanRoss Creagan
492020Polley McClureDavid Priester***
482019Jim Connors***Charlie Strohman
472018Roger Hopkins*** Anna Keeton* Gary Mallow*** David Priester**Sigrid Connors***
462017Andy SciarabbaJudith Austic
452016Tom FormanekRoger Hopkins**
442015Gary Mallow**Barbara Nussbaum**
432014David Priester*Suzanne Cohen***
422013Anna KeetonJim & Sigrid Connors**
412012Karen SerbonichPaul Warrender
402011Barbara Nussbaum*Pamela Henderson
392010Edith CasselMarsha Zgola
382009Ed HartDave Schurman
372008Carol MallisonRoger Hopkins*
362007Jonathan BernsteinPhil Dankert**
352006Gary Mallow*John Andersson**
342005Jim Connors*Sigrid Connors*
332004Kurt Seitz**Betty Hansen**
322003Tom Reimers****Tom Gudeman
312002Suzanne Cohen**Jack VanDerzee**
302001Jennifer WilsonSuzanne Cohen*
292000Philip Dankert**Kurt Seitz*
281999Jack VanDerzee*Betty Hansen*
271998John Andersson**Tom Reimers***
261997John RogersBobbi Morse**
251996Harold Mills*Harold Mills**
241995Dave BurnettNancy Adams
231994Betty Lewis**Doris Abbott**
221993Bobbie Morse*Ed Sidote
211992Fran Lauman**Doria Higgins
201991Tom Reimers**Robin Spry-Campbell
191990Joseph DabesLaura McGuire**
181989Lois Fogelsanger***Helen Haller
171988Kay DurantTom Reimers*
161987Florence DeremerCliff Abbott**
151986Edna ClausenPeter Harriott
141985Lois Fogelsanger**Linda Loomis
131984Harriet BudkeCliff Berg
121983Frances Lauman*Cora Styles
111982Harold DonnerMyrle Willis
101981Cliff Abbott*Doris Abbott*
91980Dorothy McIlroyMary Barns
81979Betty Lewis*Laura McGuire*
71978Art KoppGeorge Barns
61977Gertrud TeetorEleanor Beattie
51976Alec ProskineLois Fogelsanger*
41975Martin SilverClaire Tallman
31974Hilda TannerFrank McCartney
21973Dorothy EvansDenny Teeter
11972Clara StraightVivian White

*Multiple awards