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Exploring Danby State Forest: Short and long hike options!

Saturday 07/02/2022 10:00 am

Hike rating:

Distances – Shorter option: 3.7 miles with one sustained ascent. Longer option: 5.6 miles with two sustained ascents. Terrain – Moderate; Pace – Moderate; Overall rating – Moderate

Event/Trailhead location:

10:00 am
Parking location is the corner of Station Rd and Bald Hill Rd in Danby. (click for map).

Hike Leader:
Allen Quirk


Hike leader contact information will be sent in the email acknowledging that you have registered for this hike. 

Hike Details:


Brief Hike Description:

 This hike is suitable for families and novice hikers.

On this hike we will explore the less-visited northeastern part of Danby State Forest.  The route forms a figure 8, with hikers having the option of only doing the first loop (3.7 miles) or both loops (5.6 miles).

Starting at the corner of Bald Hill Road and Station Road in Danby State Forest, this hike will combine parts of the Finger Lakes and Abbott Loop Trails, with sections of (mostly gravel) road walk.

Wear sturdy hiking boots and weather-appropriate layered clothing, and carry water and lunch/snacks.  Sunscreen, bug-repellent, and hiking poles recommended.  Be prepared for black flies and occasional sections of muddy trail.

If you will have trouble navigating to the trailhead or carpool location, email the hike leader at the address above.

Check this space the day of the hike for any changes or a cancellation.


Detailed Hike Description:

We will start our hike at the parking location (corner of Bald Hill Road and Station Road).  After walking north 0.7 miles on Bald Hill Road, we turn east on the Finger Lakes Trail and continue 1.4 miles to Diane’s Crossing. There we turn right (west) on Abbott Loop Trail and hike 1.3 miles to Bald Hill Road, where those who want to may return to their cars 0.3 mile to the north. Intrepid souls choosing the longer option will continue 0.6 miles to Thatcher’s Pinnacles where we’ll take a break before continuing around on the Abbott Loop Trail and reaching Bald Hill Road again a mile later. From there we will turn left (north) and hike 0.6 miles to our cars.

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