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Connecticut Hill SE

Saturday 02/17/2024 10:00 am

Hike rating:

LONG OPTION: Distance – 5 miles; Terrain – Moderate to Difficult; Pace – Moderate; Overall – Moderate; SHORT OPTION: Distance – 3 miles; Terrain – Easy; Pace- Moderate; Overall rating – Easy/Moderate

Event/Trailhead location:

From Ithaca, take Rt 13 South to Carter Creek Rd (watch carefully, hard to see turn). Turn right on Carter Creek Rd to barrier approximately 1/2 mile west of Rt 13. (click for map).


Carpool Meeting Time: February 17, 2024 9:30 am

Carpool Meeting Place:

EMS Parking Lot at 722 S Meadow St. (link for map). Please park in front of the store but at the end of the lot furthest away from the store.

Hike Leader:
Myra Shulman


Hike leader contact information will be sent in the email acknowledging that you have registered for this hike. 

Hike Details:

At 11,237 acres, Connecticut Hill is the largest Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in New York State and Connecticut Hill itself is the highest point in Tompkins county (2093 ft).  The WMA is managed primarily for deer, bear, and game birds, and thus has constructed ponds, areas logged to create open meadows, natural streams, and mature and successional forests.

The Finger Lake Trail traverses the area, as well as two Finger Lakes Trail System Loops: Bob Cameron and Van Lone.

LONG HIKE OPTION (5-6 miles): On this hike, we will take a lollipop route that includes lesser known, unofficial trails and seasonal gravel roads.  We will start on Carter Creek Rd (the section off of Rt 13) where it is closed to traffic.  After walking a 0.7 miles up Carter Creek Rd, alongside the Cornell Botanic Gardens’ Carter Creek Natural Area, we will enter Connecticut Hill WMA, heading uphill to the western ridge.  Our loop will eventually bring us back to Carter Creek Rd, and we will take that back to our parking area.

SHORT HIKE OPTION (2-3 miles): The shorter hike will be an out-and-back hike on Carter Creek Rd, which follows the lovely creek with steep, wooded valley walls rising on both sides.  The gravel road starts quite level and then transitions to a gradual uphill.

Wear layered clothing appropriate to the weather, sturdy hiking boots, bring footwear traction devices (and snowshoes, depending on conditions), and carry lunch/snack and water. Hiking poles are strongly recommended.

IMPORTANT TRAILHEAD NOTE!  We will meet at Carter Creek Rd, accessed from Rt 13 in Newfield.  (Do not go to the other, northern end of Carter Creek Rd.  See trailhead location, above.)

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