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Bock-Harvey Forest Preserve/Rieman Woods

Tuesday 08/16/2022 4:00 pm

Hike rating:

Distance – 3 miles; Terrain – Moderate; Pace – Relaxed; Overall rating – Easy

Event/Trailhead location:

Bock-Harvey Forest Preserve, 150 Rockwell Road trailhead, Enfield, NY (click for map). Small parking lot for 4-6 cars, plus shoulder parking.

Hike Leader:
Polley McClure


Hike leader contact information will be sent in the email acknowledging that you have registered for this hike. 

Hike Details:

Detailed Hike Description

Today’s destinations are two preserves – Bock Harvey Forest Preserve and Rieman Woods, both traversed on the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT). We start at Bock Harvey Forest Preserve and head west to Rieman Woods.

We’ll start at the parking lot for Bock Harvey on Rockwell Road in Enfield, heading east on the preserve trail, and then turning right on the FLT until we reach Rieman Woods. This is a loop hike with a short downhill road walk and a short out-and-back section. Total distance of just under 3 miles with three easy “bail out” options if you need to shorten the distance. 

Wear sturdy hiking boots, bring water and insect repellent if you use it. 

If you are unsure of navigation, email the hike leader at the address above.

Check this space the day of the hike for any changes or a cancellation.

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