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Excelsior Glen

Sunday 04/16/2023 4:00 pm

Hike rating:

Distance – 3 miles; Terrain – Difficult – change in elevation about 700 feet; Pace – Moderate; Overall rating – Strenuous;

Event/Trailhead location:

Shoulder parking on Jolly Rd., a dirt road that runs between Route 79 and county Route 9.  Jolly Rd. branches off Route 79 just uphill of the intersection of Route 79 with Route 414 in Watkins Glen.  From Route 79, the trailhead is 0.4 miles east and uphill (click for map).

Hike Leader:
Polley McClure


Hike leader contact information will be sent in the email acknowledging that you have registered for this hike. 

Hike Details:


This is an out-and-back hike of 3 miles rated strenuous due to steep ups. We will hike the Finger Lakes Trail in Excelsior Glen.

The hike begins at the Jolly Road trailhead for the Finger Lakes Trail in the Town of Burdett, Schuyler County. Using gps, set your destination for 3483 Jolly Road, Burdett.

There is a difficult creek crossing on this hike with potentially fast-moving water and slick rocks. Consider your ability to negotiate this crossing carefully, and bring hiking poles.

Dress in layers appropriate for the weather, wear sturdy boots, and bring water.

If you will have trouble navigating to the start point, email the hike leader at the address above.

Check this space the day of the hike for any changes or a cancelation.

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