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This page contains important notices to club members and trail users. It covers trails maintained by the Cayuga Trails Club, plus additional sections of the FLT described in the Guide to Hiking Trails of the Finger Lakes Region.

Please check this page if you are planning a hike. Also, check the Finger Lakes Trail Conference trail conditions at

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Jul. 8, 17

Attention Hikers on the Bob Cameron Loop!

This notice is for the Bob Cameron Loop on Connecticut Hill.  There is a badly washed out ravine crossing on the far side of the Cameron loop which has a flagged bypass.  If you are hiking the loop in a clockwise direction you will come to a gully crossing where the orange blazes direct you directly across the gully.  Brush has been piled across the trail at this point.  Look to the left, upstream, and you will see a roughly flagged bypass which takes a detour upstream, across two branches of the creek, back down the opposite bank and rejoins the blazed trail.  If you are hiking counterclockwise you will get to the closed crossing, continue straight ahead following the flagging, across the two tributary brooks, and back down the opposite bank to rejoin the existing trail.  When some pending paperwork is complete this flagged route will be cleared and will become the new trail route.  Please use the bypass as it is a safer and easier way across the stream.   - David Priester, Trai


Jul. 8, 17

Attention Hikers!!

A new minor reroute of an existing trail is now open.  Approaching Hines Road from the northwest where the trail approached a stone yard the trail now bears south through the woods, swings left across a power line right of way and comes out on Hines Road about 75 yards south of the previous route.  To continue on the FLT walk north about 75 yards and cross Hines road toward the FLTC trail sign. - David Priester, Trai


Sep. 12, 16


A new trail route (white-blazed Finger Lakes Trail) has been completed and is now open between map M16 mile 14.7 (intersection of the white-blazed FLT and the yellow-blazed Bock - Harvey Forest Preserve Loop Trail spur) eastward to mile 16.1 (Hines Rd.).

The new trail travels eastbound as follows:

  • from the trail intersection at mile 14.7, continue eastward; cross from the FLTC Bock - Harvey Forest Preserve onto private property in .15 mile.
  • follow the white-blazed FLT along field hedgerow (white blazes are painted on trees along the hedgerow).  Turn left/north following intersecting hedgerow (white-blazed on trees to your right).
  • follow hedgerow hugging trail into forest; trail makes sudden eastward turn into forest and follows creek (will be on your right).  
  • Follow forest trail (white-blazed FLT); trail will eventually come out onto cropfield (trail now headed northward) with hedgerow on right.  Follow white-blazed hedgerow approx. .5 mile northward to Rockwell Rd.
  • Turn east/right on Rockwell Rd. and walk for approx. .15 mile. FLT trail-head will be on your right.
  • Turn right/south into forest on private property.  Follow white-blazed FLT for approx. .75 mile to Hines Rd. (trail will be oriented eastward at this point).  
  • Cross Hines Rd. and continue on white-blazed FLT eastward toward RH Treman State Park.

Please be careful to follow FLT white-blazes and stay on the Finger Lakes Trail.  This reroute was made possible by very generous private property owners; please respect private property and use the Finger Lakes Trail accordingly. - P. Warrender - Trail


Jun. 28, 17

Attention Hikers!!

A new section of trail is now open eliminating part of the road walk along Heisey Road.  The new section begins .5 miles east of Rt. 96b at an FLT sign.  The FLT main trail now turns right (South) at this point beginning a .7 Mile arc through open forest, crossing Heisey road farther east, and continuing through another stretch of woods and an open area once used as a log landing.  At this point the FLT continues toward Coddington Road on map M-18 on the previously existing trail.  Along this new stretch of trail there is evidence of farming activities, stone walls, field furrows and stone building foundations.  The old blazes continuing along Heisey Road have been eradicated.  This trail is partly in Danby State Forest and partly on the property recently acquired by the Finger Lakes Land Trust. - David Priester, Trai

FLT rerouted by beaver, Hammond Hill State Forest

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