The FLTC and several sporting goods stores throughout New York State sell maps printed by the FLTC. There are currently 55 FLT maps available (including the 13 FLT maps available with the Guide to Hiking Trails of the Finger Lakes Region) that cover the entire trail system. Overlay maps showing the boundaries of each map are available for Google Maps and for download to Google Earth.

The main FLTC maps have a scale of 1 inch to the mile and some branch trail maps are 3 inches to the mile. All maps have descriptions of the trail, and indicate mileages from point to point (map samples). All maps are 8.5 x 11" and printed by color laser printer on waterproof "Rite in the Rain" paper.

In addition to the paper maps, an interactive map of the entire Finger Lakes Trail system, including all trails in the Cayuga Trails Club region, is available on the FLTC website. This interactive map is useful for hike planning and finding the general location of trailheads and campsites.

The FLTC also has guidebooks describing the entire FLT system. A buyers guide is available from the FLTC Service Center, 6111 Visitor Center Road, Mt. Morris, NY 14510, 585-658-9320, or on the FLTC website.

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