Tuesday Hike: Bahar Preserve and Carpenters Falls

Tuesday, May 30, 2017  •  5:00 pm
  • Hike rating: Distance - 3 miles; Terrain - Moderate; Pace - Moderate; Overall rating - Moderate
  • Carpool meeting place: 5:00 p.m. - EMS Parking Lot at 722 S Meadow St. (click for map). Please park in front of the store but at the end of the lot furthest away from the store.
  • Event/Trailhead location: 5:50 p.m. - Bahar Preserve parking area, approximate address 6309 Appletree Point Road, Moravia (click for map).
  • Contact: Gary Mallow   garymallow2004@yahoo.com   607-339-5131

Tonight's destination is Bahar Preserve, owned and managed by the Finger Lakes Land Trust, and Carpenters Falls, both located near the south end of Skaneateles Lake. Note that we have a 50 minute drive each way for this hike.

We start on the red trail in the preserve running through shady mixed hardwoods, pine and hemlock stands and paralleling Bear Swamp Creek heading downstream. The red trail ends at a small section on the shore of the lake. We then head upstream on the white trail, which gives us a view down into the dramatic, steep-sided gorge the creek has cut over thousands of years.

Along the way, we cross the boundary of the preserve and enter the adjacent Carpenters Falls Unique Area, which is owned by the people of New York and managed by DEC. Carpenters Falls is as far as we go; it is lovely and a dramatic example of a "hanging falls." This hike has a 400 foot change in elevation altogether, and parts of the trail are steep. If you struggle on steep uphill pitches, you might want to join us another night.

We will return to the cars using road-walk along little used Appletree Point Road. This part of the walk features a peaceful rural landscape through farm fields and provides a distant view of the lake and the hillsides beyond. Traffic is light.

To reduce our environmental impact and prevent hikers from getting lost, we will carpool from Eastern Mountain Sports parking lot. Drivers will be expected to carry passengers; passengers may offer to contriubute towards the cost of gas, but it's not required to join our hikes.

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