Trail Tending Thursday: FLT between Hines Road and Woodard Road (M16)

Thursday, October 2, 2014  •  4:00 pm


  • Carpool meeting place: EMS Parking Lot at 722 S Meadow St. (click for map). Please park in front of the store but at the end of the lot furthest away from the store.
  • Event/Trailhead location: Woodard Road FLT trail-head, RH Treman State Park (Upper), M16
  • Contact: Paul Warrender   401-439-8285

"Trail Tending Thursday" is an opportunity for anyone interested in working on light trail maintenance in a group for a few afternoon hours, and help keep our trails and sites beautiful!  Each "Trail Tending Thursday" is held on the last Thursday of each month, March through September.
Participants will meet at the parking lot in front of EMS Ithaca at 4:00pm. We will brief all volunteers on the activity at 4:05, then leave from the parking lot at 4:15 SHARP and drive/carpool to the work location.  Projects will last up to 3 hours or until dusk if participants are so motivated.
All tools and materials needed for the planned activities will be provided.
Participants will need to:
  • wear durable clothing suitable for working in the woods and getting dirty.  Be aware that painting may be part of any program.
  • wear sweaters or jackets, and hats suitable to the prevailing weather conditions for the afternoon
  • wear durable, rubber soled footwear suitable for hiking and/or working on rugged, back-country trails.  Hiking boots or work boots are recommended.  Feet must be fully covered; sandals, flip-flops, and other open footwear are not acceptable for trail work.
  • insect repellent will be provided; it is strongly recommended that some sort of repellent is used during trail work projects as we will work in areas with concentrations of black flies, mosquito, and ticks.  Participants can use their own favorite repellent.
  • bring drinking water and snacks; each project will likely go beyond most persons dinner times.  We will supply some extra drinking water and snacks, but PLEASE remember to bring your own.
  • bring your positive attitude and energy!
Project activities may include any of the following activities:
  • brush clearing, tree branch clearing, clearing of small downed trees on the trail
  • painting trail markings, repairing or installing trail signage
  • repairs to lean-to's and other structures, installing pre-fabricated puncheon
  • cleaning out lean-to fire pits, cleaning lean-to's and privies
  • gathering/cutting firewood
Please note: certain conditions will prevent a work event from happening (snow, heavy rains, high winds, temperatures below freezing or severe heat); light rain will likely not cause cancellation of an event.  If practical, a "rain-date" for the event will be posted on the website. Call Paul Warrender at 401-439-8285 if in doubt or not sure.

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