Cayuga Trails 50th Anniversary Hike and Celebration

Sunday, September 28, 2014  •  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

 Registration closed for both hikes 

  • Hike rating:
    LONG Hike: Length - 8.5 miles; Pace - Moderate; Terrain - Moderate, with some steep sections
    SHORT Hike: Length - 4.2 miles; Pace - Moderate; Terrain - Moderate, with one steep section.
  • Event/Trailhead location: (click for map)
    1 - Park for LONG hike
    2 - Start of LONG Hike
    3 - Park for SHORT Hike
    4 - Rest stop
    5 - Bench and Sign Dedication
  • Contacts:
    Tom Reimers   607-272-8679
  • Roger Hopkins   607-257-9778

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Cayuga Trail and the 70th anniversary of Cornell Plantations. Come enjoy the best of the Fall Creek corridor through Cornell central campus, Plantations Botanical Gardens, F.R. Newman Arboretum, and Fall Creek and Monkey Run Natural Areas.

The day will feature a LONG hike of the entire Cayuga Trail from Stewart Avenue to Varna (8.5 miles), a SHORT hike from Freese road to Varna (4.2 miles) and a brief ceremony in Varna. 

Registration is required using this registration form. The SHORT hike will be limited to 20 participants. Both hikes are oversubscribed and they are now CLOSED.


9:00 am: Participants in LONG hike gather at the dead end dirt Plantations road off Route 366 in Varna just west of the F.H. Fox RR bridge. Look for the Cayuga Trails Club banner.

9:15 am: Shuttles will leave for Stewart Avenue.

9:30 am: LONG hike begins at Stewart Avenue at the Fall Creek bridge. Barbara Nussbaum is the hike leader.

~11:30 am: LONG hikers arrive at Liddell Lab west of Freese Road. Lunch (bring your own).

12:00 noon: LONG hikers arrive at Cornell Garden Plots parking area east of Freese Road. Participants in SHORT hike gather at Cornell Garden Plots; look for the Cayuga Trails Club banner.

12:15 pm: LONG hike continues and SHORT hike begins. Mike Roberts is the SHORT hike leader.

~2:45 pm: Stop on chosen hill and vista between RR grade and Monkey Run Road to admire the new bench and dedication sign. Brief remarks by CTC and Cornell Plantations leaders. 

~3:15 pm: Hike ends at the dead end dirt Plantations road off Route 366 in Varna. Hike participants will receive momentos of the event.  LONG hikers will shuttle SHORT hikers back to their cars at Cornell Garden Plots.

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