Tuesday Evening Stroll: Danby State Forest West

Tuesday, September 23, 2014  •  4:00 pm

 Note New, Earlier Start Time: 4:00 P.M. 

  • Hike rating: Length: About 4 miles; Terrain: Typical, moderate FLT; Pace: Moderate
  • Carpool meeting place: EMS Parking Lot at 722 S Meadow St. (click for map). Please park in front of the store but at the end of the lot furthest away from the store.
  • Contact: Gary Mallow   garymallow2004@yahoo.com   607-339-5131

Many of us love to be out in the woods but have trouble making time for long rigorous hikes. A nice evening stroll is called for. From now until Big Game Hunting Season in November, we hike some 30 of the most interesting natural areas in our region.

This week's hike takes us to the Finger Lakes Trail as it traverses the western side of Danby State Forest. Along the way, we will visit two major trail projects completed in just the last year: the new Chestnut Lean-to and the new Diane's Crossing Bridge. Both were built with volunteer labor by Alley Cat Crews from the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, led by Matt Brennaman and Paul Warrender.

Many hikers are unaware that, although parts of the Finger Lakes Trail are routed through state and federal lands, cutting the trail, maintaining it, constructing bridges, puncheons, lean-to's and privies... all of it is done by volunteers, including volunteer trail maintainers from the Cayuga Trails Club. The CTC section of trail is divided up into sections approximately 1.5 to 2.0 miles long, and each section is assigned to a trail adopter to maintain.

This will be an "out and back" hike. We will hike east from Comfort Rd. for about an hour, turn around, and retrace our steps. No car shuttle is required for this one and that should get us out of the woods before sunset.

Bring sturdy, broken-in hiking boots and water. Dress in layers for the weather. Hikers are invited to stop for ice cream on the way back to Ithaca.

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