Tuesday Evening Hike: Bock-Harvey Forest Preserve to Treman Park

Tuesday, October 17, 2017  •  4:30 pm
  • Hike rating: Distance - 5 miles; Terrain - Moderate; Pace - Moderate; Overall rating - Moderate
  • Event/Trailhead location: Bock-Harvey Forest Preserve, 150 Rockwell Road trailhead, Enfield, NY (click for map).
  • Contact: Gary Mallow   garymallow2004@yahoo.com   607-339-5131

Tonight's destination is the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) starting at Bock Harvey Forest Preserve and heading east to parts of Robert Treman State Park. Along the way we will traverse two new sections of trail, available to us due to the generosity of Charlie Elrod, his grandson Chase, and their family. A CTC trail project was organized to cut much of this reroute last year, and a significant road-walk has been eliminated as a result.

We'll start at the parking lot for Bock Harvey on Rockwell Road in Enfield, heading east on the preserve trail, and then on the FLT. We will go out for about an hour, then turn back and retrace our steps, making this an out-and-back hike.

Bring water and sturdy hiking boots. Recommended gear is a headlamp, flashlight, or both, as we exit the woods at dusk.

If you are unsure of navigation, email Gary.



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