Tuesday Evening Hike: Shindagin Hollow

Tuesday, August 1, 2017  •  5:00 pm
  • Hike rating: Distance - 6 miles; Terrain - Moderate; Pace - Moderate; Overall rating - Moderate
  • Event/Trailhead location: FLT trail-head, Shindagin Hollow State Forest, Braley Hill Road, Brooktondale, NY (click for map)
  • Contact: Charlie Strohman   crs5@cornell.edu   607-272-1751

Tonight our hike will go because Charlie Strohman graciously agreed to lead it.

Our destination is Shindagin Hollow State Forest. We start at Braley Hill Rd. and hike eastward for about 90 minutes, then turn back and retrace our steps. This will be an out-and-back hike.

One of the nicest parts of this section of trail runs parallel to, and at the edge of, Shindagin Hollow. We pass over Shindaigin Hollow Creek, and get to see a nice little cataract that flows in high water. Evidence of trail work is abundant on this section. If we make it that far, you will see Shindagin Lean-to, rebuilt in 2004 by a Finger Lakes Trail Conference Alley Cat Crew, and a footbridge over the creek rebuilt in 2013 by another Alley Cat crew that easily survived heavy rain in June 2015, due to its sturdy design and construction.

This area was once inhabited by native Americans and later settled by European immigrants, and we hike near a footpath likely used by the former, and at least one old foundation that was dug by the latter. A couple of huge blow-downs just east of Braley Hill Road are evidence of a severe wind and ice storm in 2003. The casual hiker will walk by them without noticing now, due to the incredible regrowth of the forest on both sides of the trail since then.

Wear sturdy hiking boots or shoes and bring water. Wear long pants and bring insecticide if you use it to ward off ticks.



This hike will qualify for the Hike 100 Challenge with the North Country Trail Association. Mileage will be calculated at the hike.

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