Tuesday Hike: Robinson Hollow

Tuesday, July 18, 2017  •  5:00 pm
  • Hike rating: Distance - 3.6 miles; Terrain - Moderate; Pace - Moderate; Overall rating - Moderate
  • Event/Trailhead location: Harford-Slaterville trail-head of the FLT(click for map). Please park as far off the pavement as you can do safely.
  • Contact: Gary Mallow   garymallow2004@yahoo.com

Tonight's destination is Robinson Hollow State Forest, about 20 minutes east of Ithaca.

We will spot cars at the FLT trail-head on the Harford-Slaterville Road, then shuttle back to the trail-head on Robinson Hollow Roard. The route begins with a long, steep uphill slog from there. Once we get to the top of the hill, we have some ups and downs, but the first half mile is an aerobic workout. The reward is a particularly quiet and peaceful section of the FLT. The only sounds you are likely to hear are the conversation with your fellow hikers, footfalls, and bird song. Traffic noise is nonexistent up here.

Bring water, hiking boots or shoes, and insecticide if you use it to ward off black flies and ticks.

This section was recently adopted by Lucy Gagliardo. She and Trails Chair David Priester have already put in considerable work to make it more friendly to hikers, and they have opened it up considerably. Hiking here is a lot more fun than it has been in the recent past.


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