About events

Cayuga Trails Club events are announced in local media, on this website, and in the Cayuga Trails newsletter which is published six times per year and mailed to members. Members can also elect to receive an Email reminder of events several days in advance.

Upcoming events are announced on the Home page of this website. Announcements of past events are also preserved on this website along with hike summaries for some events. In addition, photos from some past events are shown on the website and in photo albums accessible from the Events & Activities -> Photos page.


Guests are welcome to participate in scheduled hikes. Repeat guests are encouraged to become members. Family members are always welcome at CTC events when accompanied by a CTC member.


  • Car-pool meeting place - CTC event announcements may include both a car-pooling location and an event/trailhead location. Please consider the car-pooling location and time as the beginning of the event to reduce the number of cars driving to and parking at the trailhead. Please arrive at the car-pooling location before the announced time to allow orderly formation of car-pooling. Out of consideration for all participants, we will leave the car-pool location promptly at the designated time.
  • Trailhead meeting place - If you live closer to the trailhead than the car-pooling location, you can join the event there. The time announced at the trailhead is approximate, but the hike will not depart before that time.
  • Preparation - Read the hike description carefully and make sure you are comfortable with the hike length, difficulty, pace, weather, and terrain. Also make sure you have the appropriate clothing, equipment, water, and food. If you have any questions, contact the hike leader(s).
  • Dogs - Because of varying regulations on parts of the trail on public lands, hike conditions, and hike leader preference, please check with the hike leader in advance before bringing your dog on a club hike. Our club observes the FLTC Policy for Dogs on the Trails of FLT System. When permitted on club hikes by the hike leader, dogs must be on a leash at all times on those trail sections on private lands.
  • Last-minute changes - Check this website the evening or early morning before the event for last-minute changes in the hiking conditions or description. In rare cases, it may be necessary to cancel a hike, and you can save a trip to the meeting place.


Those persons enjoying the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) and/or activities sponsored by the Finger Lakes Trail Conference (FLTC) or the Cayuga Trails Club (CTC), accept full personal responsibility for their own well being, or, for the well being of a minor when acting in the capacity of parent or guardian. Further, users of the Finger Lakes Trail accept and understand that hiking and trail maintenance are rigorous activities often conducted in rugged outdoor conditions subject to variations in weather and terrain conditions which may involve the risk of injury or death, and, that those persons are fully responsible for their own safety and selecting activities that are consistent with their physical capabilities.

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