Discussion group

Have you wanted a way to contact other Cayuga Trails Club members, to gather a group for an informal (non-Club) hike, to share information about trail conditions, to discuss types of backpacks or cross country skis, recap a trail maintenance session, hash over some other topic, or share some photos from your recent hike? All Club members are invited to our Facebook page or join the un-moderated Cayuga Trails Club Yahoo! Group! which will help you satisfy all these urges and more!


Go to our new Facebook page at this link:

E-mail discussion at Yahoo Groups:

Visit the group at the link below:

The Discussion Group does not replace the official members' information sent by email or posted on the CTC Website; instead it supplements club information by providing the opportunity for informal sharing, group discussions, and arrangements between members.

Click here to join CayugaTrailsClub discussion group You can join by going directly to the group home page and clicking on the "Join this group" button. Or, simply click on the button on the left. Joining requires approval by the group moderator, which may take a few days.

Note: You must sign up for a (free) Yahoo! account to join Groups.

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